Black In News.Station Surabaya City (SB) which is popularly known as "Semut" Station is located in Bongkaran, Pabean Cantikan, Surabaya. Located on the north Gubeng  Station and also the final destination station in the city of Surabaya from south railway connecting the island of Java, Yogyakarta and Surabaya to Bandung and Jakarta. Other stations are also important in Surabaya Pasar Turi Station is connecting Surabaya to Semarang.
                 Based on history, Surabaya Kota Railway Station was built when the railway line Surabaya-Malang and Pasuruan started initiated around the year 1870. Which is used to transport crops and plantations of the hinterland of East Java, especially from Malang, the Port of Tanjung Perak is also built around the year. The building was inaugurated on May 16, 1878. With the increased use of trains, on November 11, 1911, the station building has expanded to their present form.
                  Surabaya City Station to the end station for the train-train the best of his time, starting from Eendaagsche connecting Jakarta and Surabaya in record time 11 hours 30 minutes Bima the early 1990s brought sleeper. The railway station is defined as cultural conservation by the  Major of Surabaya with SK. No.188.45/251/402.1.04/1996, dated September 26, 1996. The station was established as a building that must be maintained along with 60 other buildings in the city of Surabaya. Its existence is threatened by development plans and regional shopping mall threatened to damage the authenticity of the station's landscape, as well as Jakarta Kota Station in Jakarta. Occurs even dismantling the region which ironically involving PT Kereta Api Indonesia.

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