Is a living fossil of the most famous, and is the only lobe finned fish that will survive. Previously thought dead for 65 million years ago. But in 1938 a specimen was captured alive on the coast of southern Africa.
      Kerajaan    :  Animalia       Ordo          :  Coelacanthiformes
      Filum         :  Chordata        Kelas          :   Sarcopterygii

COELACANTH FISH                     
This type of fish has also been found on the islands of old Manado in 1998, "Sea King Fish" is another name. However, a study says that there is a difference between coelacanth fish with the sea king fish is the coelacanth's skin is  blue and the sea king fish is brown . Tha Sea King Fish set as a new species named Latimeria menadoensis.

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